Monday, March 19, 2012

Sunshine and Tan Lines

Thats what we had last week at least. It was in the 80's most of the week and the sun was beating down. Don't know where all of our sunscreen has run off too. I checked in the bathrooms and in the garage with the pool supplies but its MIA. I had to use some baby sunscreen.We worked in the yard most of the week getting rid of the neglect from winter. Cleaned out the pool and starting filling it up. Some reason its not filled all of the way. Not sure what Matt is up too with that. We also redid our front flower beds and added a tree for Gabriel.
We planted a red leaf plum tree. (Note: its not usually leaning but its just that windy today. Sunshine= last week) I hope I don't kill it since I'm not the best gardener.
I also made this garden stone to place by it. Lyla was my assistant. Which basically means in her quest to help me she stole all of the supplies. It came out lovely!


I'm now on cd15. I'm not sure if I ovulated today or not. My temperature went up a good amount today but I'm still having negative OPK's.
Heres todays test. Its the darkest test so far this month. All the others were super light lines. If I am O'ing today then maybe I just missed my LG surge for the test. Yesterday I didn't test until late in the evening because I was at my cousin bridal shower. It was probably 28 or 29 hours from the previous days test. I guess I could have missed it if  my surge was short. 

There hasn't been much baby making this month though so I'm not thinking our odds are good. We did "do the do" last night and today before Matt went into work. (Sorry Kacey for the TMI) My sister just loves reading that I had sex! Anyway, it didn't happen Saturday because Matt got white boy wasted at his friends wedding. I knew he was gonna be throwing up before the night was through. As soon as the reception started he came back to the table with 2 jack and cokes for himself. I gave a big "O Lawd!" He returned to the table quiet often with 2 more. Sure enough we didn't even make it home and I had to pull the car over! Yeah, that cancelled that night out for making babies!

Hugs, Lacey

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Well, it turns out I'm not the incredible baby making women we all though I was. First month of trying wasn't a success like it was for my other babies. Who knew? It is quite disappointing and I do feel that I didn't do my job somehow as a wife and mother. Guess we'll just have to try again until we get it right. I'm on cd8. I had the weirdest aunt flo that I can ever remember having. Took an OPK today even though I told myself I wasn't gonna start until cd10 this month. I can't help myself! It was negative of course. Heres my new chart. Not a lot to look at yet!

The only good thing about af this month, is it seemed to pass pretty quickly. I was super busy most of the week. I went back to my first extra job since I found out I was pregnant for Gabriel. It was on a new tv show called Common Law. In the scene there was a robbery happening and we had to run from the bad guys shooting at the police. I was sore for two days from sprint running for hours. So sad! I jog at the gym on the treadmill but apparently you use different muscles when sprinting!

I also started reading The Hunger Games. I downloaded it on my kindle to bring on the shoot with me and I couldn't put it down. I finished the first booked and had to download the second one right away. That first book leaves you hanging so bad! I yelled, "WHAT! Hows it gonna end like that?" 

My other project of the week was making an Easter wreath out of plastic eggs. Yes, I stole the idea off of Pinterest cause I suck at being creative on my own. It was super cheap, maybe $10 total.

Here's Lyla with our finished product!

Start out by cutting 2 circular wreath shapes from cardboard. We always have some hanging in the garage for different projects. 

My outer circle was 13inches and 10inches for the inner. I started using scissors but after struggling with the first circle I got up off my lazy butt and went get an X-acto knife. It worked much better! Don't worry if its not perfect. It will just get covered up. Next, hot glue the two circles together to make a sturdier wreath.

After your two circles are together start hot glueing your eggs on. I used the same patterning for the outer eggs. Then inner is mostly random. The only important thing to do is point the eggs the same way. I think I used 45 regular sized eggs. I didn't count but I know at least three were stolen by Lyla.

Keep going until your circle is almost full. The gap is a good thing. Its where the bow will go!

Then, randomly glue eggs in-between the inner and outer eggs. I put hot glue on the fat ends of the inner eggs.

Turn eggs in different directions!

Shove Easter basket grass in the gaps to hide the cardboard.

I used my scissors push the grass in the inner gaps since its a smaller hole. 

Cut the longer hanging pieces! It helps to hold it up and let gravity do its thing!

Add the bow and wah la! Have a cute kid be your model!


Monday, March 5, 2012

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I have cried wolf three times in the last three days. Its cd32 and I'm 16dpo. Saturday I spotted, so I thought aunt flo was starting. I was all upset. I went wandering around The Home Depot! Sunday morning I thought I got a faint, faint, faint positive test. Even though I know better I looked at my test after 30 minutes and saw a line.
Do you see a line? I see it but I think it was most likely and evaporation line. Way to get a girl excited for no reason stupid test! About an hour later, spotted again just one time. Cried wolf number 2!

 Took another test this morning, negative. Shortly after I went to the dentist for my semi annual cleaning. I had to refuse X-rays since my body is being stubborn. While out running errands I had more spotting. Once I was home, I had what I think would be a normal light flow. I was so sure this was it. NOT! Cried wolf number 3! Nothing more all day until now, I have started spotting again.

 Can't a girl get an answer yet! Just pick one so I can move forward! 

Heres my beautiful chart. I think it shows great potential. I would give it a POSITIVE!

On to happier things....

Lets Meet Lyla

I might be bias but I think she's a beauty!

She's a barefoot type of girl like her mommy!

Of course, we do love a good pair of heels!

She's a bit sassy too! Last week she asked where can she find a husband!

Daddy has agreed to have two wives for now!

These are the rest of my favorite photos from her 3 year old photo shoot we did today. I'm glad I got as many great pictures as I did cause someone was being stubborn!

Thanks to Home Place Plantation for free use of their grounds. We love free pics by mommy!