Monday, March 5, 2012

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

I have cried wolf three times in the last three days. Its cd32 and I'm 16dpo. Saturday I spotted, so I thought aunt flo was starting. I was all upset. I went wandering around The Home Depot! Sunday morning I thought I got a faint, faint, faint positive test. Even though I know better I looked at my test after 30 minutes and saw a line.
Do you see a line? I see it but I think it was most likely and evaporation line. Way to get a girl excited for no reason stupid test! About an hour later, spotted again just one time. Cried wolf number 2!

 Took another test this morning, negative. Shortly after I went to the dentist for my semi annual cleaning. I had to refuse X-rays since my body is being stubborn. While out running errands I had more spotting. Once I was home, I had what I think would be a normal light flow. I was so sure this was it. NOT! Cried wolf number 3! Nothing more all day until now, I have started spotting again.

 Can't a girl get an answer yet! Just pick one so I can move forward! 

Heres my beautiful chart. I think it shows great potential. I would give it a POSITIVE!

On to happier things....

Lets Meet Lyla

I might be bias but I think she's a beauty!

She's a barefoot type of girl like her mommy!

Of course, we do love a good pair of heels!

She's a bit sassy too! Last week she asked where can she find a husband!

Daddy has agreed to have two wives for now!

These are the rest of my favorite photos from her 3 year old photo shoot we did today. I'm glad I got as many great pictures as I did cause someone was being stubborn!

Thanks to Home Place Plantation for free use of their grounds. We love free pics by mommy!


  1. She is an absolute beauty! :) And so is your chart, by the way. You may want to post it on one of the ttc sites, like fertilityfriend or, as those ladies are great chart readers and may be able to tell you what's going on! Also, I definitely saw a line there.

    1. Thank You! See, I'm not crazy. There was a line!

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