Monday, February 27, 2012


Well, I took a pregnancy test this morning. Its was a big fat NEGATIVE. Its cd25 and I'm 9dpo. Still plenty of time to get a positive so I'm not giving up!
A few days ago I thought I had some symptoms but they have went away. Had some nausea, a few headaches, a little bloating, sore boobs on and off. Probably just crazy, right! 
Heres my updated chart. It looks a little different since last weeks. My VIP membership ended and I'm not paying for one. I don't even no what it cost but I figured I could count so I didn't need dpo numbers to be on my chart. At least my temperature is still up. It down a little the 2 previous days. I read your temp could dip when you have implantation. Fingers crossed for that!

I will either test again tomorrow or Wednesday. It will probably be tomorrow since I am glutton for punishment!


  1. Lou - it's "golden" here! I am LOVIN' your accent! I forget since we're all from different parts of the country that you all don't speak like we do over here in California. :-)
    9dpo is super early, still plenty of time! Good luck holding out 'til Weds!

  2. Still hoping you get your bfp! :) How's your chart looking??

  3. It still looks good but I'm still having my doubts. I'm funk again tonight.
    I'll link my chart so u can't see it.