Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crazy TTC Ladies!

Back in December was the first time I visited a TTC (trying to conceive) forum. Now, I've been on forums but as for as one that was meant for before you were pregnant, not so much. I never needed too. Me and Matt would talk about having a baby, I'd walked by him and BAM, pregnant! Usually I just chatted on the month I was due forum. After having Gabriel, I deleted the app from my phone right away. I didn't want to have to look at that nasty little countdown of when I should be holding my baby. A  few weeks later I somehow came across the grief and loss forum and quickly joined. Its so nice to be able to chat with ladies that know exactly how I feel. We have become great friends over the last few months. I look forward to checking it everyday and sometimes, all day! 

Right above the grief and loss link, is the TTC forum. I couldn't help but check it out. My first impression was; these poor ladies really have to do all of these things to get pregnant?! These chics are crazy! Theres everything from temping every morning, using opk's, checking cervical mucus everyday, checking the position of your cervix, numerous of different supplements and things to drink! Crazy right? Well, I think I'm now one of the crazies! Now, I'm not doing all the things I listed but just a few. Its definitely a lot more than I've ever done to have a baby before. I started taking my temperature every morning and bought some opk's. I decided to do these since I just got off of my birth control, I won't know when I will ovulate. For Gabriel, I ovulated a week later than I thought I would but somehow we still got pregnant. I remember fussing at Matt because he was too tired one night and I thought that was my fertile time. He made fun of me a few weeks later when I found out I was pregnant for it. Its actually kind of fun and interesting to know what and why my body does these things every month. I probably have read way to much stuff lately about conceiving. 

Who knew the vagina was such a hostile environment? For most of the month the pH and cervical mucus actually are meant to kill sperm! You get only a small window of a few days where everything is sperm friendly. Its a miracle anyone gets pregnant, I tell you!

Cycle 1 cd6
Its cycle day 6! Woohooo! Which means  Aunt Flo is leaving town. Just some spotting today. I think I will begin using my opk's around cd 10. I bought the cheapies online so I don't feel bad if I waste a bunch. I'm so excited and I just have a feeling I'm gonna get lucky again! We'll see!

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