Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Baby Making Time

Well almost! I'm not quite to ovulation yet but I'm in full preparation. Its cycle day 10. I started using my opk's cd8. I know, I know, I know! Way to early but it's better to be early than to be too late. Anyway, there was barely a line on them. 

Which makes me think its not even close yet. Booooo! Well, I'll  just have to keep on trying, I guess. Seems to be taking forever already. I'm so impatient! I know I just got off of my birth control so I figured it would make me ovulate late anyway like I did for Gabriel but a girl can dream.

An Angel Baby
I often think about how to respond if someone I haven't seen in awhile or a stranger would ask how many children I have. I don't want to leave Gabriel out but then I also don't want to have that awkward "my baby died" look. I strongly feel that I have two children. When I'm blessed with another baby, he or she will be my third child. So next time I'm faced with that awkward question I'm gonna say, I have a little girl named Lyla and I have an angel baby. Still slightly awkward but I think its sweet. I remember reading something once to where the writer referred to her baby that way. When I was about 25 weeks pregnant with Gabriel I was checking out in the grocery store and a very young cashier started asking me questions about being pregnant. If I knew what I was having? Does he have a name yet? Are you excited? I answered just like everything was normal. Was I suppose to a 17 year old that he was dying. I think not. So, I will go with the sweet honorable answer. I have an angel baby.

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