Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ovulation Time!

Its baby making time for real now! Got a positive OPK yesterday when I wasn't expecting it on cycle day 15. My test went from a faint line to a line popping up before the control line.
 I can't believe I am ovulating so early in my cycle. I would have thought I would not O until next week. I'm so excited. Today I recorded my test to share with everyone.

Yay! Sorry so shaky! I'm no expert! 

Heres yesterdays test with todays. Yesterdays was darker but has faded since then. Which is probably my only complaint with the cheapies  from the internet. They fade as they dry so make sure to check the test in the time the instructions say. I have had some cramping on my lower right side today. My temperature was close to the same as yesterday so maybe tomorrow will be my actual O day!
~Hugs~ Lacey

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