Sunday, February 5, 2012

A New Journey

I wanted to start this blog for two reasons. To honor my Gabriel and so I could have my new journey written down. After finding out that Gabriel's life was gonna soon be ending I had wished that I had wrote everything down about my pregnancy. I went on my Facebook and copied every post I had starting back in May that had anything to do with being pregnant. It was all I had of his life. Therefore, I plan on writing it all down this time. Maybe I'm a little crazy but oh well. I'm still nervous of what people might think about us trying again so soon. I just feel that I'm in a good place with our loss. If I was a grieving mess then maybe it wouldn't be the right time but were doing ok. And besides, like my friend Heather told me; its not like anyone will be upset if I'm pregnant. If anyone questions it, them screw em. I feel its right. Of course, it will be very scary if we are blessed with another pregnancy. I just keep telling myself, its gonna be ok! It has to be. We have a 2% chance of the same thing happening again but thats what everyone has. Were hoping it was just a case of being unlucky, as the specialist called. Heather said that I have "super-sonic fertility!" LOL! We got pregnant on the first try for both of our babies. I hope she's right! I'm not betting on it though. I read that if you do everything right you still only have a 20% of conceiving. Well, I've used 40% of that up!

Cycle 1
Well, it cycle day 3 which mean Aunt Flo is visiting. Nothing exciting there. My temp jump very high this morning. Not sure if its because I really didn't get a few hours of sleep before my alarm went off at 7. I'm not to worry about it though since ovulation is a ways away.

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