Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The 2 Week Wait

My bored, hurry up face!

I'm in the 2 week wait. Except, you know I'm not gonna wait a full two weeks to test. I'm to impatient! I gotsta know! Its cd 20. Four days pass ovulation. I finally got crosshairs on my chart yesterday. I'm really hopeful but I cant help but think; Well, I don't feel pregnant yet! I would love some sore tata's, nausea, or fatigue. Fatigue being the top pick of those symptoms! I do usually have bloating early in my pregnancies. I'll take some of that too. I just got back in my jeans from Gabriel so I might be in dresses a lot if that happens. I love a cute casual dress! 

Yesterday was Mardi Gras here in Louisiana. We got up bright and early and made our way to the parades. Bright and early is pretty late for Mardi Gras though. Still dark and muggy is usually the only way you will get a good spot. Thankfully, my cousin sent her husband out at 3:30am to save a spot for the family. We all had a great time. Lyla, who is about 90% potty trained, had no accidents! So proud of her.
I did get asked numerous times if I wanted a drink or a sip of a drink. I know that a sip couldn't hurt. I drank the week before I found out I was pregnant for Lyla but I just can't do it knowing that I could be. I refuse to do anything wrong.

Sights of Mardi Gras:
 Me and Lyla
 Lyla and daddy
Everyone waiting
 Keg Man
 Budweiser Cydesdales
Floats coming

Hugs~ Lacey

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