Monday, March 12, 2012

Back to the Beginning

Well, it turns out I'm not the incredible baby making women we all though I was. First month of trying wasn't a success like it was for my other babies. Who knew? It is quite disappointing and I do feel that I didn't do my job somehow as a wife and mother. Guess we'll just have to try again until we get it right. I'm on cd8. I had the weirdest aunt flo that I can ever remember having. Took an OPK today even though I told myself I wasn't gonna start until cd10 this month. I can't help myself! It was negative of course. Heres my new chart. Not a lot to look at yet!

The only good thing about af this month, is it seemed to pass pretty quickly. I was super busy most of the week. I went back to my first extra job since I found out I was pregnant for Gabriel. It was on a new tv show called Common Law. In the scene there was a robbery happening and we had to run from the bad guys shooting at the police. I was sore for two days from sprint running for hours. So sad! I jog at the gym on the treadmill but apparently you use different muscles when sprinting!

I also started reading The Hunger Games. I downloaded it on my kindle to bring on the shoot with me and I couldn't put it down. I finished the first booked and had to download the second one right away. That first book leaves you hanging so bad! I yelled, "WHAT! Hows it gonna end like that?" 

My other project of the week was making an Easter wreath out of plastic eggs. Yes, I stole the idea off of Pinterest cause I suck at being creative on my own. It was super cheap, maybe $10 total.

Here's Lyla with our finished product!

Start out by cutting 2 circular wreath shapes from cardboard. We always have some hanging in the garage for different projects. 

My outer circle was 13inches and 10inches for the inner. I started using scissors but after struggling with the first circle I got up off my lazy butt and went get an X-acto knife. It worked much better! Don't worry if its not perfect. It will just get covered up. Next, hot glue the two circles together to make a sturdier wreath.

After your two circles are together start hot glueing your eggs on. I used the same patterning for the outer eggs. Then inner is mostly random. The only important thing to do is point the eggs the same way. I think I used 45 regular sized eggs. I didn't count but I know at least three were stolen by Lyla.

Keep going until your circle is almost full. The gap is a good thing. Its where the bow will go!

Then, randomly glue eggs in-between the inner and outer eggs. I put hot glue on the fat ends of the inner eggs.

Turn eggs in different directions!

Shove Easter basket grass in the gaps to hide the cardboard.

I used my scissors push the grass in the inner gaps since its a smaller hole. 

Cut the longer hanging pieces! It helps to hold it up and let gravity do its thing!

Add the bow and wah la! Have a cute kid be your model!


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