Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fools Day!

 I haven't wrote in a while and much has happened. I did finally ovulate on cd 18.
 The picture below is from cd17. I didn't video it this month cause I was being lazy! Sorry!

Now on to the good stuff..... wait for it.... I'm pregnant. Yes I'm serious! No I'm not lying! I'M FREAKING PREGNANT! I tested yesterday morning and got a really faint line on a cheapie. Then I decided to used a first response test. I truly thought I was just wasting a good, expensive test. But, I got another line. Didn't let myself believe it all day until I took another test and the line was much darker!!!!!


Please excuse my fresh out of bed look; no makeup and bed head! Lookin' a hot southern mess!

Shut the front door! See! I wasn't lying! 

Heres my test from yesterday morning...

You see why I had my doubts? So faint!

Now heres the morning test with the, I'm definitely pregnant afternoon test!

Heres my awesome, I'm pregnant, chart!
It does have that promising triphasic pattern. On cd24 and 6 dpo my temperature jumped up a good amount. I thought it was a good sign when it happened. Now looking at it, I think I could have implanted at 5 dpo. My temp has continued to raise each day too! Woohooo!

The digital!
That just sums it up doesn't it!

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