Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Little Lucky Charm

It turns out I'm having a little lucky charm. I had my first appointment yesterday. Matt, Lyla and I marched in the very same room our world came crashing down just 8 months ago. The same room where we learned our last little one would not be. (It's not my most favorite place to be). I was a complete wreck until the ultrasound started. And then, I saw it! A tiny little blur in the middle of the blackness!  I could release the breath I was holding. Everything looked great! We got to see and hear the sweet sweet sound of our little one's heartbeat. I had to fight back the tears that were trying to form so I could pay attention.

Here's my little lucky charm due on St Patty's Day!
That has to be good, right?

Two nights before my appointment I had a serious Chinese food craving. Since I could not choose just one thing to get, I ordered enough food for six! I'm such a fatty! Anyways, my point is I got this as my fortune. Lyla stole my cookie, btw!
Really? Could this have been anymore perfect for me! 

Back to more important things, our little one measured perfectly from the day I ovulated. My OB kept my due date from my last period since I only measured 3 days off. So, I'm 7wks 4d (since it 12:03am). She asked if I wanted to come back in two weeks for another ultrasound to check on how everything is growing. Pssshhhh! Yeah! I go back on August 14th (the day before my first 29th b-day). From there, she will call the specialist to see if I need to be seen.

I am getting more and more excited. Could this really be it? Sharing the news with family and friends has been wonderful. I feel much better knowing if something were to go wrong (knock on wood) I will have people I can talk too.
Heres our announcement we gave to some of the family. It took my mom a few seconds to get it.

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